Truly Scrumptious E Y nursery

Working from home policy


Policy statement

To plan, record and assess for your child’s learning and development according to the Early years foundation stage (EYFS) we complete various paper and electronic documents. We wish to prioritise spending time extending and supporting the children in their play as this is the greatest benefit to their learning and development. It has therefore been agreed that with consent, certain staff can access the famly app. This excludes any personal information such as contact numbers, addresses, family information and photographs.



We undertake rigorous pre – employment and ongoing checks on the suitability of our staff. All staff are checked using the disclosure and barring service (DBS), Staff are monitored Via the DBS update service, this allows Patricia Trew (nursery owner & manager) to check any changes to staffs DBS every 6 months as well as references are taken to ensure their suitability to work with children. Staff are legally required to disclose any person living at their address who has been or who would be disqualified from working with children. If they live with such a person, they would be ‘disqualified by association’ and therefore unable to work with children. We check this regularly through supervision meetings and safeguarding audits and training.

Paperwork staff MAY be permitted to take home:

  • Learning journals (excluding personal information)
  • Two year progress check
  • School transitions documents
  • Termly learning journal sheets
  • Observations
  • EYFS
  • And any other development records

The management team may take home all the above records for moderation and group assessment purposes for any child attending Truly Scrumptious E Y Nursery. In addition, management may also take home /access at home the following:

  • Attendance spreadsheet
  • Cohort tracking document
  • Letters to parents
  • Electronic document containing parent/carer information.
  • Staff contact details
  • Staff appraisals, observation, and supervision records
  • SEND records
  • Accounting and invoice information and documents
  • Local authority funding account

All laptops and tablets within the setting are password and are anti-virus protected and are locked away when not in use.

Records and data may only be stored at home i.e. not to be left in a car or car boot or anywhere that they can get lost or misplaced i.e away from family members and visitors and not shared with others under any circumstances and MUST be stored away securely when not in use preferably in an office or a lockable bag or case.

Any member of staff that uses the information that is taken home for anything other than the intended purpose will be given the disciplinary procedure and reported to Local authority designated officer (LADO) and the information commissions office (ICO)


Legal framework        

General data protection regulations (GDPR) 2018

Human Rights Act (1998)




Written by Brittany Vant –

Manager- Reviewed 20/04/2023