Visitors Policy

Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery

Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery happily welcomes visitors and operates an open-door policy. However, at times limitations may be placed to protect the children and staff and to avoid any unnecessary disruption and we would advise visitors to book in advance to ensure a suitable member of staff is available.

Nursery Manager, Patricia & Kim (Ongar) Brittany (Romford) – or in their absence, the deputy manager Lauren (Romford) have the authority to determine which visits are to be permitted.

Truly Scrumptious reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, which we may have reasonable doubt of their identity. In instances where parents are separated, both custodial and non-custodial parents have the right to visit the nursery, unless a court order is placed restricting such contact or accessibility.

All visitors should wear a badge to identify themselves to staff and parents. Visitors must always be accompanied by a member of staff whilst within the nursery. The Nursery Manager must advise the visitor of all fire exits and explain there are no planned fire drills for that day.

Security on door and within the setting

  • Staff MUST check the identity of any visitors they do not recognise before allowing them to enter the premises.
  • Passwords for collection and authorized persons to collect must be checked within children’s personal folders.
  • Visitors to the setting must be signed in and recorded in the visitor’s book. 
  • Professionals and regular visitors must have submitted their DBS number and the date validity must be checked.
  • Visitors must always be accompanied by a member of staff while in the premises.
  • Parents, students, or visitors are reminded not to allow entry to any person, whether they know this person or not.
  • The nursery will under no circumstance tolerate any form of harassment from third parties, including visitors, towards others, including children, staff members and parents.

During the COVID-19 pandemic all Handovers will be completed at the door, all children will be given drop off and collection times to ensure social distancing can be followed. Parents / carers or visitors are currently not permitted to enter the premises unless authorised to do so by Nursery management, this will only be with appropriate PPE. Anyone that is authorised to enter the setting will be required to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire and have their temperature taken. They will also need to scan the QR code for track and trace located on all 3 entrances. Anyone refusing to comply with the GOV guidelines will be asked to leave the premises immediately. 


This policy was written by Patricia Trew, Nursery Manager 

Reviewed by Brittany V – 30/11/2020

Contributions made by parental representative, Jenny T