Road Safety Policy


Truly Scrumptious Early Years

Road Safety Policy

Truly Scrumptious Nurseries are fully committed to promoting road safety when we are taking them out on outings.

All staff are expected to carry out the following.

  • Making sure all children who are walking are wearing a high viz jacket.
  • All children who are walking on the road are strapped into the walk-o-diles. If they are not using these, they would always need to hold a member of staff’s hand. Staff are expected to explain why this is important.
  • Ensuring that the adults responsible for each pram on the outing have strapped their children in properly and will give adequate space from the roadside and the curb when crossing.
  • Ensuring that no child is ever let out alone, nor can they be left with an older child.
  • All staff are aware that no child within our care can cope with traffic.
  • Whilst out on outings we ensure that we are making the children aware of road safety such as: stopping at the curb, waiting for the green man, looking left/right, and listening for cars before crossing etc. (The Green Cross Code).
  • All staff will explain the difference between the road and the pavement and what traffic is: this will include explanations such as the road is for traffic and the pavement is for people. All staff will make sure that they explain why it is safe to walk on the pavement and not safe to walk on the road. Staff should also ensure that this is explained before leaving the nursery to go on our outing making sure the children are aware of basic road safety.


This policy was reviewed – Brittany V – Manager – 18/04/2023