Procedure in the event of Terrorist Attack or National Emergency


Considering the recent terrorist attacks, we now feel it is necessary to have a procedure in place on what to do in the event of a terrorist attack or a national disaster.


The care and security we provide to your child is paramount. As an Ofsted Registered Nursery, we will do everything within our powers to protect, comfort and support your child in the event of a major incident, National Emergency or Terrorist Attack.


If we are involved or caught up in the incident, we will comply fully with the instructions from the emergency services and constantly reassure the children in our care.

If you are caught up in an incident, we will continue to look after your child until you are able to return or a person nominated is able to collect them. 


We will try our best to keep in contact by landline, mobile or email. In extreme circumstances this may include overnight care, but this will be discussed with you and Social Services will also be kept informed. Rest assured; your child will not be put at risk in any way.


We understand that during major incidents the mobile phone networks are often not available and even landlines can be cancelled to free up communication systems for the emergency services. We will however attempt to contact you on a regular basis and ask that you try to do the same. We will keep up to date on the situation using any media source available to us, radio, television, internet etc. 


We will endeavor to protect your child from information or images that may alarm or distress them. If you wish we can have a pre-planned excuse that we be used to explain your delay in arriving.

We hope that this procedure never needs to be put into practice and are happy to discuss any issues you have.


Policy reviewed 

Brittany V – Manager – 27/11/2020