Outings Policy


Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery

Outings Policy

At Truly Scrumptious we feel it is important to provide opportunities for children to take part in outings so they can further develop their knowledge.

Trips can include trips on foot, i.e. visits to the local park, the library, local markets and places of interest.


All procedures must be followed prior to an outing

  • a full outings risk assessment must be completed
  • written permission from all parents/carers is obtained prior to the outing
  • staffing ratios must be maintained
  • young children will be pushed in pushchairs and older children will hold the hand of the qualified suitable adult
  • all children contact/emergency contact information must be taken
  • at least 1 first aider must be present and have a suitable, complete first aid box with them at all times
  • any child who has a health care plan must have their health care plan documents, along with any medication/asthma pump if needed
  • A member of staff is to carry on them, the nursery mobile phone which must be fully charged and have enough minutes/credit
  • At no time whilst on an outing must a member of staff use the nursery mobile phone to make or receive a personal phone call



this policy was written by Hayley Marsh,  Nursery Manager, 17/05/2014