Late Collection Policy & Procedure

TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS NURSERY Late Collection Policy & Procedure

Late Collection Policy & Procedure

This policy is to protect children who have been left at the nursery after the agreed collection time or after closing hours.

Truly Scrumptious E Y Nurseries have a duty of care to the children and parents to ensure that collection of young children is made at the agreed time or within normal opening hours. Late collection causes unnecessary distress to a child and the staff.

Children remaining in our care after the agreed collection time, or after normal opening hours must be supervised by a minimum of two members of staff, one of whom must be qualified.

We appreciate that sometimes there may be circumstances beyond parent control affecting the prompt collection of your child.

If you expect you will be late collecting your child in our care, please call at your earliest convenience and discuss the possible arrangements with the manager/deputy manager. When we register a child, we ask parents to complete a collection arrangement form/ password system with a list of possible adults (family/friends) who could collect the child in the instant the parents are unable to collect.

Our opening hours are 7.30am-6.30pm. There will be an additional charge if your child is not collected on time and vacated the premises by 6.30pm or 1pm in sessional care.

The fees are payable on the day in cash and the money will go directly to the extra members of staff that have had to stay after their working hours (at least two staff must be present).

Our Ofsted registration and planning regulations restrictions prevent us from working after 6.30pm.

Fees payable

Late arrival by 1-10 minutes – £20.00

Every 5 minutes thereafter   – £10.00

If the payment is not made on the same evening, then there will be a £5.00 daily penalty.

Policy reviewed By Brittany – 18/04/2023