Intruder Policy

Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery

Intruder Policy

The safety of our children is of paramount importance. We make every effort to keep our setting secure. It is our aim at Truly Scrumptious to ensure that each of our children are cared for and are safe at all times.

The purpose of this policy is to inform staff and parents/carers of the procedures to take in the event of an intruder being identified on the premises. All staff are aware that it is their priority to maintain the safety of any children in their care as well as their own safety.

An intruder is an individual in the Nursery who has not followed our established visitor procedures (see visitors policy) and may or may not be a safety hazard to the nursery. This policy provides a means of dealing with either situation.

Childrens safety

  • We ensure that all our staff, students, volunteers etc have been checked from criminal records by and enhanced disclosure (DBS)
  • All children are supervised by adults at all times
  • Our nursery is designed so that no member of staff is out of visual contact from another member of staff at any time.
  • At least two members of staff are on the premises at all times when children are present (opening & closing)
  • We carry out risk assessments to ensure out children are not made vulnerable within any part of our nursery of when taking part in activities

Security Measures in place

  • We have systems in place for the safe arrival and departure of children (see arrivals and departures/ security policy)
  • The times of the childrens/staffs arrival and departures are recorded
  • Staff photographs are displayed in the entrance/foyer
  • Number coded locks on the entrance to building
  • All visitors are greeted and asked to provide identification and are signed in the visitors book on arrival and signed out on departure
  • Doors to garden/outside area can only be opened by staff (key fobs)
  • Staff are aware of a code word to use in case of emergencies to ensure the safety of the children “***********


Any staff who may observe an individual in the nursery who appears suspicious should (if safe to do so) approach the individual, ask for their name,  ID, and purpose of being at the nursery. The member of staff should always alert a member of management for assistance with this. The member of staff needs to determine if the individual poses any kind of threat/ safety hazard.

Whilst determining the status of the visitor, every effort must be made to ensure the children in our care are safe, feeling secure and where possible, continuing to be engaged in current activities.

If the individual becomes agitated and refuses to leave the building peacefully, we will endeavour to calm the person whilst trying to gain the attention of your staff member to call the police.

If the intruder/individual persists, the code word may be used to alert staff to gather children and make way to the secure back garden area. Register and telephone will be taken with them and will stay there until the police arrive.

If the person leaves before police arrive, we will not attempt to detain them.

If the person does not leave before police arrive, explain to the officers what has happened, so they can deal with the intruder and find a cause for arrest.

The incident will be logged and security measures will be reviewed.

In the event that an intruder is armed:

All staff will be alerted (codeword) and the police will be contacted (999) immediately.

Staff will remain as calm as possible diverting the children as far away from the children as possible. Staff will move children as quickly and as calmly as possible to not distress the children make way to the secure back garden area. Register and telephone will be taken with them and will stay there until the police arrive.

If the intruder shows a weapon, the manager will remain calm and will not attempt to disarm the intruder.

When confronting an intruder, the member of staff dealing with them should have another member of staff present. Both staff members should break off contact and leave when it is safe to do so. Use casual conversation or body language to calmly direct the situation.

Once the police arrive, make them aware of the situation, inform the officers of the location of the intruder and a description of the weapon which may have been seen, description of the intruder and any other relevant information.

Staff and children will remain where they are unless directed other wise by the police. Reassuring and engaging children as appropriate.

Once the incident is over all children’s parents will be called and informed of the incident.

In any event a thorough investigation will be carried out of the incident, and a report will be made by all staff involved.

Inform Ofsted, with due regard to both data protection and confidentiality polices.

This policy will be monitored and evaluated, it will be reviewed annually unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of this policy.


Policy written by Hayley Marsh

May 2017