First Aid Policy


First Aid Policy


At Truly Scrumptious nursery we make every effort to ensure that all children are safeguarded and well cared for. The children are the centre of our focus in all decision‐making and arrangements. The nursery sees adequate First Aid provision as vital in the daily process of caring for the children.

Paediatric first aid trained staff can take action to supply first aid treatment in the event of an accident involving a child or adult.


All staff attend Paediatric first aid training every 3 years by an Ofsted approved training company. We always aim to have 100% of all members of staff (over both settings) fully paediatric first aid trained.

We also have “Annie” training doll for refresher inhouse training to ensure all staff are up to date.

The first aid box is clearly visible at the entrance of the nursery and checked and restocked regularly.


EYFS key themes and commitments


A Unique Child

Positive Relationships

Enabling Environments

1.3 Keeping safe

1.4 Health & well-being

2.2 Parents as partners

2.4 Key person

3.2 Supporting every child

3.4 The wider context




Records of illnesses, accident, and injuries, along with any first aid treatment, non- prescription/prescription medication or treatment given to a child, are kept, and filed accordingly.

Parents are notified immediately if a child has an accident including a head injury or becomes unwell.

If an injury is classed as “non-serious” e.g fell over in garden and scratched knees, the parents will be notified when they collect their children at the end of the session and will be given an accident form on handover describing the accident and the action/first aid given, in the case of a minor head injury a phone call will be made to the parent as soon as possible were convenient after the child has received first aid.  


Written & Reviewed by Brittany V – Manager – 06/04/2023