Fire Procedure


On hearing the Fire Alarm ‘An intermittent high pitched sound’:-


  1. All the older children will have been trained to stop whatsoever they are doing and line up by door. The door will remain shut at all times whilst the alarm sounds.


  1. Upon hearing the alarm an immediate investigation will take place as to the reason for it sounding off.


  1. If the nature of the cause for the alarm can be easily neutralized appropriate action should be taken.


  1. In the event of a decision to evacuate the premises, all the children will be lead to safety via the safest route possible at that time, front door, alternatively using the side entrance or the back door.


  1. The children will be checked off against the daily attendance sheet after they reach the safety point. Which is the front garden entrance to the house or alternatively the garden back gate.


  1. It is the responsibility of the Manager and Duty Manager of this setting to ensure all the children known to be present on the day are lead to safety without any delays.


  1. The fire emergency service must be called immediately after evacuation from the premises has taken place safely. Under no circumstances should anyone re-enter the setting once all the children and carers have been identified as present.


  1. A monthly fire drill shall take place.


*** Priority one of this procedure is to ensure that at no time the safety of any of the children is allowed to become compromised for any reason and in any way whatsoever***