Fire Procedure

Fire Evacuation Procedure


The following evacuation plan will be followed in the event of a fire and practised with the children on a monthly basis or when new staff join.

  • On hearing the fire alarm each room leader or senior shall collect all children together, collect phone, collect register and contact details (where possible) and proceed out of the building through the quickest and safest route.
  • This would firstly be through the hall and out of the front door or back door. All children will be reassured throughout. Any child that cannot walk will be carried.
  • The relevant emergency services should be contacted using 999.
  • Romford: -Should the exit through the hall be blocked we will exit the building through the side entrance, back garden door, toddler’s entrance. There is an emergency ladder should the upstairs be cut off from the staircase.
  • Ongar: – Should the front exit be blocked, we will exit the building through the garden door or through the hallway door.
  • Each child’s parents or emergency contact will be contacted via phone or the FAMLY app to collect their child/children. Where contact cannot be made another responsible adult may be required to look after the children.
  • Rise Park:- Should the fire be in the kitchen, we will exit the children out of the front door. If the fire is anywhere else the children will be evacuated via the back door to the back gate into the ally away from the building and the roads.