Early Years Nurseries Observation & Assessment policy

TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS NURSERY Early Years Nurseries Observation & Assessment policy


Why do we observe?

  • To identify a child’s individual needs.
  • Interests
  • Unique stage of development 
  • And next steps in learning for that child


We use online learning journals at the nursery through “Famly”. Parents will receive a notification alert via the app when an observation is ready to view. Parents can reply/ comment and upload their own observations of the children in their home environment, which we strongly encourage.

Observations are carried out on children almost immediately after a child joins the setting, i.e settling in observations etc, so we get a clear understanding of the child’s starting points. Your child’s key person will carry out regular observations your child but at least once daily that the child attends, We will also record and observe “wow” moments and group observations. 

The children’s progress is monitored each term across all settings (Romford, Ongar) and any gaps are identified early and then supported. A termly progress report will be carried out be key people and sent across to parents via the app immediately. We regularly track children’s development also via the app.

We carry out group tracking to identify the progress of different groups, ages, genders, key groups, any EAL (English as an additional language), or SEND (Special educational needs) children. 


We use a range of both “in the moment planning” and curriculum planning to ensure that we are planning activities and experiences that challenge the children, engage the children in their individual interests and most importantly- are fun!

We ensure that we meet the 4 themes of the EYFS;

  • A unique child
  • Positive relationships
  • Enabling environments
  • Learning and development


Parents in partnership

  • We make links with parents prior to the children starting with the “all about me- now I’m starting nursery” document.
  • Parents support their child’s transition into the setting and in the move to a new age group.
  • We ask parents to support their children’s learning and development- we are now sending home termly “room” newsletters outlining the learning taking place, details of outings, songs we sing, what we will be covering this term etc
  • We have a comprehensive website and parents can email or message the nursery directly (famly app)


Policy Reviewed By Brittany V – 30/11/2020