Childhood Illness Policy


The Manager is not allowed to admit any children onto the premises who appear to be suffering from an infectious or contagious illness or disease. Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery follows the Health Protection Agency’s guidelines. Please do not bring children who are unwell into the nursery as they will be sent home upon arrival. Please see HPA file in foyer.

Parents/carers are required to inform the nursery where they can be reached in the event of an accident/sudden illness. However, on occasions it may be impossible to contact a parent/carer in an emergency, parents/carers are required to provide the Manager with signed permission for her to act in their absence.

If a child becomes seriously ill or injured during his/her attendance at the nursery, the nursery reserves the right to call for emergency assistance and, if necessary, remove him/her to hospital and give permission for emergency treatment to be administered. If we have to take your child to hospital as a result of an illness or accident, we will do our utmost to inform you immediately ( using the details on your Application Form ). It is therefore vital that this information is kept up to date and that you inform us of your timetable/whereabouts. Please inform the Manager of any changes to these details as soon as possible. Please inform us as soon as possible if you child will be absent for a period of time due to illness.

Local Authority regulations state that parents/carers are required to give the following information to the Manager: name, address and date of birth of each child; name, home address and place of work with respective telephone numbers of the parents/carers of each child ( we ask that a copy of the parent/carers current timetable should be left with the Manager to ensure that contact can be made in an emergency); name, address and telephone number of each child’s doctor and the state of immunisation and infectious diseases suffered by each child.

All accidents are reported in an Accident Report Book which is kept in the Nursery Office. Parents/carers will be asked to sign these in the event of their child having an accident at the end of the day the accident occurred. Please ensure you taken follow precautions:-

ATHLETE’S FOOT None Treatment is recommended
CHICKENPOX Five days from onset of rash (Vulnerable children and female staff pregnancies)
COLD SORES (HERPES SIMPLEX) None Avoid kissing and contact with sores
GERMAN MEASLES (RUBELLA) * Six days from onset of rash Preventable by MMR immunization
HAND, FOOT AND MOUTH NonePossible exclusion may be necessary Contact HPU if outbreak
IMPETIGO Until lesions are crusted/healed, or 48 hrs after antibiotic treatment Antiobiotics
MEASLES * Four days from onset of rash Preventable by MMR vaccination
RINGWORM Not usually required Treatment is required
SCABIES Return after treatment Treatment is required
SCARLET FEVER* Return after 24 hrs after antibiotic treatment Treatment is required
SLAPPED CHEEK/FIFTH DISEASE. PARVOVIRUS B19 None (Vulnerable children and female staff pregnancies)
SHINGLES Exclude if rash weeping and not covered Can cause chickenpox
WARTS AND VERRUCAE None Must be covered
DIARRHOEA/VOMITING 48 hrs from last episode





48 hrs from last episode May exclude for longer period for under 5’s due to young child’s hygiene practices.May require microbiologic clearance



Consult HPU for advice

CRYPTOSPORIDIOSIS 48 hrs from last episode Exclude from water play for 2 weeks
FLU * Until recovered Vulnerable children
TUBERCULOSIS * Always consult HPU
WHOOPING COUGH * Five days from antibiotic or 21 days from onset of illness (no antibiotics) Local HPU will organize contact tracing
CONJUNCTIVITIS None Treatment, if outbreak consult HPU
DIPHTHERIA * Exclusion is essential, consult HPU All Family contacts must be excluded, HPU will organize contact tracing
HEAD LICE None Treatment if live lice
HEPATITIS A* Exclude seven days after onset of jaundice or seven days after symptoms If outbreak of Hep A, local HPU will advise
HEPATITIS B *, C*, HIV/AIDS None Hep B and C and HIV are bloodborne not infectious on casual.
MENINGOCCAL MENINGITIS * / SEPTICAEMIA * Until recovered Meningitis C preventable by vaccination, no need to exclude siblings. HPU to advise
MENINGITIS * BACTERIA Until recovered Hib and pneumococcal meningitis preventable by vaccination, no need to exclude siblings. HPU to advise
MENINGITIS VIRAL * None No need to exclude siblings
MRSA None Good hygiene, handwashing and environment clean.   HPU advise
MUMPS * Exclude for five days after onset of swelling Preventable by vaccination
THREADWORMS None Treatment is recommended for child and family
TONSILLITIS None No antibiotis, usually due to virus




If your child is unwell please read the following guidance and seek treatment where necessary or keep your child off nursery (please call nursery to advise).

If your child is sent home sick they will be given a slip advising when they return.

There are no exceptions to the exclusion period and any parent attempting to return their child to nursery will be advised as such. If a parent persists and leaves their child within the exclusion period the nursery will contact the HPA and Local Authority who will notify Social Services.

THIS POLICY WAS REVIEWED BY Hayley Marsh, dated 07/07/2015