Co-Parenting Policy

Co-Parenting Policy 

At Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery, we recognise the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all families, including those that co-parent. This Co-Parenting policy outlines out commitment to working collaboratively to ensure the well-being and development of the children in our care. 

 We believe that children benefit when both co-parents are actively involved in their education and care. We recognise that when families separate it can be a difficult situation for all involved. We appreciate that emotions can run high and this policy sets outs how we will support all parties within the nursery including our staff team. 

The child/children’s key person will work closely with the parents to build close relationships which will support the child/children’s emotional well being and report any significant changes in behaviour to the parent.   

Truly Scrumptious Nursery agrees to: 

  • Ensure the childs welfare is paramount at all times  
  • Comply with any details of an court order where applicable to the childs attendance at the nursery where we have seen/ received a copy of the document which will be kept In the childs file (in a lockable filing cabinet for security and confidentiality reasons)  
  • Access to information: Both parents will have equal access to their childs information. Including but not limited to; educational progress reports, health records, and communication from the nursery. Information will be shared with both parents, unless there is a legal restriction in place. 
  • Equal Participation:  Truly Scrumptious E Y Nursery values the involvement of both parents in the child’s life. We welcome both co-parents to actively participate in their child’s education, care, and activities within our nursery. We will also ensure that every staff member treats both parents equally and with due respect.  
  • Accidents/Incidents- Ensure any accident/ incident is logged on the appropriate forms, and discussed with the parent on collection, offering a copy of the accident form, we will also send a copy of the accident form and details over on our “Famly” app ensuring both parents are made aware of any accident/ incidents that may have occurred during their childs time at nursery. 
  • Communication: Open and respectful communication between co-parents and the nursery is essential for the childs best interests. We encourage Co-Parents to share relevant information about the childs needs, routines, changes in the family dynamic that may impact the childs experience at nursery.  
  • Emergency Contact information: Both parents are responsible for ensuring the nursery has up to date and relevant emergency contact information for both parents.  


A nursery contract between Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nurseries is separate to this policy, highlighting aspects such as fees, funding etc. The contract is binding between the nursery and the parent who has signed to say they have received it. 

Parental responsibility 

Having parental responsibility means assuming all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority that a parent of a child has by the law. People other than a childs natural parents can acquire parental responsibilities through 

  • Being granted a residence order 
  • Being appointed a guardian 
  • Being named in an emergency protection order 
  • Adopting a child  

This policy is subject to periodic reviews and updates as needed to align with changes in relevant laws, regulations or best practices.  

 Policy written September 2023