We recognise and value the needs of all children and are therefore keen to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to become an integral part of nursery life. All children are admitted following full consultation with parents/carers and any outside agencies who may be involved. In this way we aim to consider both staffing levels and the physical environment to ensure that we are able to support the child to the best of our ability. We are eager to provide for the needs of the child and will endeavour to acquire specialist toys and equipment whenever possible.

Parental Partnership:

We recognise that parents are the prime educators of their children. We are therefore keen to establish strong links to ensure successful transition and continued partnership. Parents will be invited to share information and discuss their child’s progress regularly, both formally and informally. In this way we aim to promote continuity of care and support between the child, their key worker, the SENCO and parents.

Identification and Assessment of SEN:

Once a place has been allocated, parents and carers are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise about their child’s strengths and needs. This information is then shared formally with staff and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be devised for those with particular educational needs, under the guidance of the SENCO. These plans will be monitored regularly in consultation with parents and staff and individual progress will be monitored continually.

Where there are concerns about the progress of an individual who has not previously been identified as having SEN, care will be taken to work closely with parents and staff to monitor

and assess development. Under the guidance of the SENCO, support may then be requested

from outside agencies and professionals where appropriate.

Arrangements for Reviewing the SEN Policy and Procedures

The SENCO and staff will review this policy annually. We aim to informally review the success of our procedures for working with children with SEN on a regular basis. Our ideas for future developments will then be addressed in a more formal context on an annual basis.