We recognise and value the needs of all children and are therefore keen to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to become an integral part of nursery life. All children are admitted following full consultation with parents/carers and any outside agencies who may be involved. In this way we aim to consider both staffing levels and the physical environment to ensure that we are able to support the child to the best of our ability. We are eager to provide for the needs of the child and will endeavour to acquire specialist toys and equipment whenever possible.

In order for children to settle and feel secure and happy at the nursery, a minimum booking of 2 sessions per week is suggested.


Early Education Entitlement

Children aged 3 years and over may benefit from the governments Nursery Education Grant. Where eligible, we offer the 15 hour free funded sessions per week, as we are open 51 weeks on the year we offer a stretched offer of 11 hours fully funded per week.  As the Local Authority only fund the hours there is an additional charge of £3.50 for a session, due to the large number of allergies we cater for within the setting, we are unable to accept packed lunch into the nursery for your child.

Your child can receive the funding the term after they turn 3 years old. Additional to this your family may be able to claim the 30 hours funding, again, as we are open 51 week of the year we offer this stretched over the year to offer 22 hours per week. If your child is eligible for the 30 hours, a £7 consumable fee will be added on daily, as well as the £3.50 per meal charge. Please see the 30 hours policy for more information.

To see if you may be eligible please see

Your child may be eligible for funding as early as 2 years old, however this is not national, and you will need to meet a criteria to become eligible for this.

Optional uniform is available to purchase- polo tshirts- £5.50 each and sweatshirts are £8.00

To apply for a place at a Truly Scrumptious setting, a deposit of £200 for 1 day, £250 for 2 days, £300 for 3 days, £350 for 4 days and £400 for 5 days is requested which will be refunded on a child’s departure from the Nursery. Fees are payable one month in advance via cash, cheque or standing order on the 1st of each month (standing order is the preferred method).

Childcare Vouchers & Tax Free childcare  – We accept childcare vouchers from parents whose employers have a childcare voucher scheme in place, we are also set up with the government tax free childcare scheme, to set this up with us on the tax free childcare website, please search our head office nursery of 63 Pettits Lane, Romford, Rm1 4ha.

To assist parents we have put the following discounts in place:

  • Sibling Discount – We offer a 5% discount for siblings.


At Truly Scrumptious Nurseries, we believe that the education we provide is:

  • An enriching learning experience for all children regardless of race, religion, ability or disability
  • A valuable means of reducing the education and social disadvantages experienced by some children and thus enabling them to have equal access to the opportunities offered by subsequent education.
  • Supportive, offering a wide range of facilities and opportunities to families with young children.


Parental Partnership:

We recognise that parents are the prime educators of their children. We are therefore keen to establish strong links to ensure successful transition and continued partnership. Parents will be invited to share information and discuss their child’s progress regularly, both formally and informally. In this way we aim to promote continuity of care and support between the child, their key worker, the SENCO and parents.

Identification and Assessment of SEN:

Once a place has been allocated, parents and carers are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise about their child’s strengths and needs. This information is then shared formally with staff and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be devised for those with particular educational needs, under the guidance of the SENCO. These plans will be monitored regularly in consultation with parents and staff and individual progress will be monitored continually.

Where there are concerns about the progress of an individual who has not previously been identified as having SEN, care will be taken to work closely with parents and staff to monitor

and assess development. Under the guidance of the SENCO, support may then be requested

from outside agencies and professionals where appropriate.

Arrangements for Reviewing the SEN Policy and Procedures:

The SENCO and staff will review this policy annually. We aim to informally review the success of our procedures for working with children with SEN on a regular basis. Our ideas for future developments will then be addressed in a more formal context on an annual basis.


Funding Admissions Arrangements

Essex County Council/ LB of Havering Local Authority’s  policy on admission classes that children may be admitted to nursery/ pre-school at the beginning of term following their third birthday.

  • All children will be offered the option of 15 hours free provision (over 38 weeks/ term time only OR 11 hours per week (stretched offer over 51 weeks of the year)


Policy written Patricia Trew

Reviewed March 2019