Accident & Incident Policy


The safety of your child is paramount and every measure will be taken to protect your child from hurting itself. However sometimes accidents do unavoidably happen and the following procedure will be carried out in dealing with the situation:

  • The child will be comforted and reassured
  • The extent of the injury will be assessed and if necessary call for medical support/ambulance
  • The first aid procedures will be carried out if necessary by a trained first aider
  • Once the child is more settled, the parent/carer will be contacted and informed of the accident and if necessary to ask you to return to care for your child/meet me at the hospital

After every accident, however minor:

  • An incident report will be completed and signed
  • The parent/carer is asked to sign and receive a copy

If the incident requires any medical treatment:

  • Inform Ofsted (under Standard 14.3 Children Act regulation, inform Ofsted about any significant events)
  • Inform my Insurance Company
  • Contact the Early Years for additional advice/support
  • If necessary, follow procedure for RIDDOR

It is important that you keep me informed regarding your child’s condition following an accident and if you have sought medical advice.