30 Hours EEE Funding Policy


All 3 and 4-year-olds in England currently receive 15 hours a week government funded early education. If their parents are living and working in England, 3 and 4-year-olds may be entitled to 30 hours funded childcare which is 1,140 hours per year in total.

If eligible you will be entitled to access the 30 hours from the beginning of the term following your child’s 3rd birthday. At Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery we offer stretched funding over 51 weeks.

Parent declaration and agreement for the universal 15 hour and the extended 30-hour Entitlement


  1. Universal 15 Hours Entitlement:

Regulation for the universal 15 Hours Entitlement funding requires us to validate your child’s age to confirm eligibility. If your child was born on or between the:

  • 1st April and the 31st August he/she will become eligible from 1st September following his/her third birthday
  • 1st September and 31st December, he/she will become eligible from 1st January following his/her third birthday
  • 1st January and 31st March, he/she will become eligible from 1St April following his/her third birthday


You will be asked to provide personal information to verify this information. The setting will require to see:

  • A copy of birth certificate or passport of the child. 
  • Both parents’ National insurance numbers & dates of birth 
  • Proof of address dated within the last 3 months before claim


  1. Extended 30 Hours Entitlement

The government only entitles parents/legal guardians who meet the   eligibility requirements (e.g. income requirements) to the extended 30 Hours Free Entitlement. If you are eligible, you will need to apply for and obtain a 30hour code via your childcare service account. 

Regulation requires us to validate your 30 hours code with the local authority using your child’s date of birth, 30 hours code and the parents/ guardians National Insurance number and dates of births. We will ask for your 30 hours validation code and national insurance number for both parents when you register. By proving this information, you are giving us consent to validate your 30 hours code.


  1. Funding at the nursery

Your receipt of EEE 30 hours funding Entitlement is subject to our receipt of    the government funding from the local authority. We reserve the right to make changes with immediate effect to this agreement and/or our offer of funding Entitlement to you if the local authority does not pay the government funding to us for any reason or there are changes to the amount of government funding.


  1. Setting and Attendance details

Regulation allows your child to attend a maximum of two sites in a single day and if your child attends more than one setting the funding will be split between the settings. You will be asked to provide the following information for the nursery your child attends, nursery name, entitlement hours attended per day, total number of hours per week and total number of weeks per year (38/51).  By signing a parental declaration, you are confirming where you use your funded hours. It is your responsibility to only use the hours you are entitled to.  If the LA advise the setting you are over claiming your hours, you will receive an immediate charge for the hours used at our hourly rate. If this is not paid immediately, your place will be withdrawn.


  1. Disability Access Fund Declaration

Three-and four-year old children who receive a child Disability Living Allowance and Free Entitlement may be eligible for the Disability Access Fund (DAF). Please see https://www.gov.uk/disability-living-allowance-children/overview. The local authority pays DAF directly to the nursery setting as a fixed annual rate per eligible child. If applicable, please contact your local nursery for more information.


  1. Privacy notice

To provide EEE 30 hours funded Entitlement to you, regulation requires us to share information related to your child and his/her care with the relevant local authority and/or the department for Education. The information shared may include information relation to your child’s gender, age, attendance/absences, disabilities, or any other information required under regulation.

Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery will be offering the additional 15 hours funding (30 hours funding) similar to our previous delivery, over a stretched offer of 51 weeks.


The funding will entitle your child to 22 funded hours over 51 weeks. This is funded through the LA London Borough of Havering and you are entitled to share these hours with other settings.

Once the LA have confirmed you are eligible for the 30 hours, we will offer you a place at present, we can only guarantee these funded sessions for 1 term and will confirm the following term sessions 6 weeks in advance.

Parents will be informed of a successful application for a free place no later than four weeks prior to the start of a new term. 

Parents can request days/sessions, we will do our best to accommodate.

Once a place has been allocated and accepted by a parent. That place and those days/sessions are for that one term only. We are unable to accept swapping days. If you require a different day, this will be chargeable.

At present, there are no guarantee that a place will be allocated to that child in the next term, this is dependent on available spaces.

If a child is offered a place that includes the settings normal lunch or dinner times, but the parent does not want their child to have our meals, then the parent will collect the child and can return after 1 hour. We will not be allowing packed lunches to be brought onto site due to extreme allergic reactions and lack of storage space.

There is a consumable charge for each session which takes into consideration the following Consumable fee of £7 per session:

Breakfast, Snacks; drinks; fresh fruit; wipes; higher than required staff ratios: higher than requires staff qualifications; BSL training, All staff Paediatric first aid training. Online learning journals, photographs, French lessons, and all non-reusable resources such as paper, paint, toiletries, ECT.

Meals @ £3.50 per meal = Lunch and dinner. 

As we are only permitted to give a maximum allowance of 10 hours funding per day. If your child attends 2 full days using the 30 hours funding (22 hours stretched), there will be a charge of £5.68 per day for the additional hour as the Nursery is open for 11 hours. The additional 2 hours of funding per week will be credited per term to take back in additional sessions, when there is space available within the setting. Any hours not taken back will be lost as we are unable to carry theses hours over to the next term.  


Policy Reviewed by Brittany – Nursey Manager – 03/12/2020