Babysitting Policy



Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nurseries operates a strict no babysitting policy. By doing so, we are actively safeguarding our staff and all the children within our care.
All employees of Truly Scrumptious, volunteers or any other persons affiliated with the nursery are NOT permitted to babysit/homecare children on roll.

The nursery has a duty to safeguard all children and adults while on nursery premises and whilst in the care of our staff. If staff are caring for your children at home, outside of nursery hours or premises, we cannot guarantee the safety of children or staff, against potential allegations.

Babysitting crosses from professional to personal and has far reaching consequences in term of Safeguarding, public liability, and confidentiality.
If members of staff were to care for children out of nursery opening hours on different premises, the nursery could not guarantee confidentiality or impartiality, which staff must adhere to and respect whilst working at the setting- thus ensuring that all families and children are treated equally.

The nursery also cannot guarantee that the “babysitter” may not take other adults, unknown to the nursery and/ or parents and such adults may not hold relevant DBS checks and wouldn’t have been vetted to assess whether they are suitable to care for children unsupervised.

The nursery would not be directly held responsible for any health and safety, or other issues that may arise from such private arrangements.

All individuals employed by Truly Scrumptious Early Years Nursery are made aware of this policy and it will be deemed as a breach of the terms and conditions of employment and will lead to formal disciplinary action being taken.


Reviewed by Brittany – manager – 23/03/2023